About Us

We're a Durham-based marketing team with a simple goal: To boost sales for local driveway and patio services. Our focus is on helping businesses thrive in our community. We use straight forward strategies to support local growth and success.

The Founders



  • Founder Tapio Media 2023

  • Deep passion for helping local businesses earn more allowing them to buy back their freedom.

  • Served in the British army as a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Specialist

  • Spends spare time outdoors, training for triathlons or reading.


Assistant Director

  • Born in Verona, Italy

  • Degree in Psychology from Durham University

  • Love for all things out doors

  • Spends spare time, crocheting reading and working with local charities.

Meet The Team

Coming soon

Emily Parker

Media Buyer

  • Experienced Media Buyer specializing in strategic ad placements.

  • Utilizes a data-driven approach to optimise client ROI.

  • Consistently exceeds expectations in navigating the dynamic advertising landscape.

Alex Turner

Creative Lead

  • Visionary Creative Lead driving visually stunning campaigns.

  • Inspires and leads a dynamic creative team to transform ideas into impactful stories.

  • Passionate about innovation and creating lasting impressions through compelling visuals.

Sarah Mitchell


  • Talented Copywriter skilled in weaving words into compelling narratives.

  • Captures the essence of brands for authentic and resonant messaging.

  • Ensures a lasting impact by crafting engaging and relatable content.

Tapio Media is a private limited company registered in England and Wales.

Registered Office: Portland House, Belmont Business Park, Durham DH1 1TW

Company Registration Number: 15101280

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